Retail Leases

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Opening a shop? Look before you lease.

If you’re ready to sign a retail lease agreement because you’ve agreed a yearly rent, pause for a moment. The typical shop lease has 50 pages with provision after provision … after provision. The landlord may not be trying to catch you out. But you’re probably going to need some expert advice to make sure you get the best protection.

That’s where we come in.

Eve Property are experts in retail leases. We make sure that all retail lease agreements comply with the Retail Leases Act. This means better protection for tenants and increased obligations for landlords.

Then, we negotiate hard to get the protections you need for the way that you do business.

With us, tenant-friendly clauses come as standard. We make sure that you pay the market rent (and not a dollar more). We limit your exposure at rent review, so your overheads remain controllable and sustainable. And we negotiate contractual assurances that the landlord will never, ever hit you with a bill for unreasonable outgoings.

Too often, business owners come to us questioning the onerous and unfavourable terms their landlord has implemented. We sympathise … but there’s not much we can do to help them. By the time the lease is signed, it’s already too late.

Our mission is to help business owners of all classes avoid costly mistakes by ensuring the retail lease agreement is fair and reasonable to both parties. We go for win-win, not no-win. We’re completely separate from landlords’ agents, and we pursue a fair deal for you, the occupier. You don’t have to sign anything that you’re not comfortable with. It’s your business. You get to make the decisions. You decide what’s best for your money.

Sell you our services then hit and run? Completely alien.

Eve Property can guide you through the whole leasing journey, from the minute you think about leasing a property to the thrilling day when you get the keys.

But that’s not all we do.

We work with you to find a suitable property that fits the needs of your business. We then work tirelessly to negotiate exactly the right retail lease agreement for your business, smooth out any teething problems, help you dispose of any real estate liabilities, assist with rent reviews, and empower you to make quality decisions throughout the life of your tenancy. It gives us great pleasure to provide this opportunity to every business owner who needs help with a shop lease, and we extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to invest in greater savings for their retail properties.

Write this on a rock ……

All lease terms are negotiable. We help tenants of all business classes get the best possible terms from their retail lease agreement with no hidden surprises.