Portfolio Management

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Give us your leasing problems. We’ll save you money.

Problems arise if the fundamentals of property management are not dealt with correctly. Businesses that occupy multiple properties often learn this lesson the hard way – in disputes, in unexpected outgoings expenses, and in eye-watering make good costs at lease end.

We understand that your lease obligations can be a burden round your neck if liabilities are not managed properly. Let us perform a health check on your property portfolio, and take a weight off by:

  • Building and maintaining good working relationships with landlords
  • Acting as the principal point of contact for day-to-day communication, such as facilitating inspections and coordinating repair programs
  • Smoothing over issues with creative dispute management strategies and a zealous focus on win-win solutions
  • Slashing reactive maintenance costs and make good liabilities by ensuring your repair strategy is fit for purpose and flexible
  • Challenging outgoings statements, and recovering any costs that the landlord is not entitled to charge; has overcharged; or is trying to sneak in through the back door
  • Managing critical dates so you never miss the exercise of an option or the window you have to challenge a rent review
  • Calculating the right rent at rent review; keeping your biggest expense as low as possible
  • Ensuring you are not paying a dollar more than you are legally obliged to do.

We don’t wish to brag, but we have quite a reputation in this sector. Over the years, we’ve built a solid professional relationship with many landlords and their agents – our network is fantastic. There’s mutual respect between us and your landlords. In an industry where landlord/tenant relations are inherently adversarial, we work hard to make sure negotiations are not battle-like as if we were trying to blaze our way through a war zone, but professional and well-articulated.

That way, we forge happy relationships with landlords as well as saving your money. Which means we support you in critical areas, while maintaining your precious reputation as nice people to do business with.