Franchise Leases

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Licensing out your precious brand? Protect your profitability through sound commercial leasing.


If you operate a franchise business, your revenue will be regulated by two significant contracts – the franchise agreement and the business lease, sublease or licence you’ll be granting or transferring to your franchisee. It’s imperative that the documents correlate. If there’s conflict between the two agreements, there’s a risk that you’ll lose revenue, control, and continuity of the franchise business.

As long-time franchise property specialists, Eve Property are the go-to resource for franchise leasing throughout Australia. We help multi-site businesses negotiate franchise leases and subleases that blend seamlessly with the franchise operation. Hassle free, and with full step-in rights so you can replace the franchisee if things go wrong.

As a franchisor, it’s usual to charge a turnover rent based on a percentage of sales, alongside the royalty fees payable under the franchise agreement. In these circumstances, property-related costs (such as outgoings charges, maintenance and repair costs, and insurance elements) can also be passed on to franchisees under the contract.

These extra costs can come as a surprise to franchisees. That’s why we take special care of small business owners who might not understand the franchising process as well as you do. We’re proud to take a conflict-free approach to franchise lease negotiation, ensuring win-win outcomes regardless of where you sit at the negotiating table.

A safe pair of hands in franchise lease advisory.

At Eve Property, we don’t just negotiate franchisee lease agreements. Our aim is to be your trusted ally in property strategy, helping you to avoid the pitfalls in commercial leasing and zealously seeking every possible gain for your business. In a market where conflicts of interests are extremely common, we work cooperatively so that everyone – franchisors, franchisees and landlords – gets the result they need.

The message is simple: don’t trust your franchise business to a generalist leasing agent. Speak to a franchise property specialist with the experience and desire to achieve premium results for your franchise business. The experts at Eve Property are ready to listen.