Are you an industrial tenant and think you’re not covered by the Retail Leases Act? Think Again!

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We would rarely expect that an industrial tenant may be deemed as ‘retail’ under the Retail Leases Act 2003 (the Act), but a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Victoria means that we need to question all industrial leases in Victoria. Previously we would use the ‘ultimate consumer’ test to determine if a tenant […]

Photo of Warehouse shelves in industrial property

Industrial tenants – tips to help your FM recover repair costs from the Landlord

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Communication with landlords is the key when making sure your facility managers are equipped to recover costs from the landlord for repairs which are not the tenant’s obligation under the lease. Generally speaking, and each industrial lease is different, the tenant is responsible for preventative maintenance and general repairs and the landlord is responsible for […]

Amanda Falahey and Teree Clare

How we measure commercial real estate experience

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We often hear people referring to their ‘experience’ – whether they’re trying to sell to us or we read it in a media article, but what really is experience? One person’s gauge of good experience can vary greatly from another’s. Experience shouldn’t be counted in years, but in the work that you do, the results […]

What’s involved in a lease renewal?

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What’s involved in a Lease Renewal?   At least 18 months out from the expiration of your existing lease you should be considering whether you will be seeking a lease renewal or possibly relocating. Allowing plenty of time is important to weigh up the options available to you and allow you to make well informed […]