Amanda Falahey and Teree Clare

How we measure commercial real estate experience

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We often hear people referring to their ‘experience’ – whether they’re trying to sell to us or we read it in a media article, but what really is experience? One person’s gauge of good experience can vary greatly from another’s. Experience shouldn’t be counted in years, but in the work that you do, the results you achieve and the lessons learnt along the way.

When putting together proposals for potential clients, we note our 30+ years commercial real estate experience. We know what this means, but do our potential clients? Thinking about this, we’ve detailed what experience really means to us.

Working with clients from multiple disciplines

We’ve worked with a multitude of clients through our current business, Eve Property Group, and in our prior roles.  From sales to leasing; service provider to in-house – we’ve been exposed to it all. Our clients have included ASX listed companies, large franchise groups, rapidly expanding businesses and start ups. We’ve seen it all, and understand the motivations and emotions that are involved.

Negotiating with Landlords big and small

We’ve represented large companies negotiating leases with ‘mum and dad’ landlords, and we’ve worked with small businesses leasing from professional landlords – and vice versa. Either way, we ensure that our client’s best interests are maintained at all times.

Dealing with complex leasing and property matters

Disputes over notification periods, rental reimbursement for flooded offices, lost gantry cranes, ammonia leaks, arguments over definitions, rental disputes, hundreds of thousands over charged in outgoings – we’ve been exposed to it all. We know the steps to take to resolve these issues whilst maintaining good landlord and tenant relationships.

Going through the process of arbitration for market rent reviews

You may think that this is routine in commercial property but it actually isn’t. In most circumstances you can reach agreement between the parties before going down the long road of arbitration, which can sometimes go on for years. Occasionally, an agreement can’t be reached and the process of arbitration gets put into motion. Having done this a few times, we know when it’s worth the fight – and most importantly when it’s not.

Knowing what works…and what doesn’t

When you’ve negotiated thousands of leases, you get a pretty good understanding of what’s worth pushing for. We have a list of ‘hot points’ that we’ve compiled over the years and we ensure that these are covered in the leases we negotiate for our clients. These ‘hot points’ mainly cover things that you wouldn’t think of when you’re first moving into a commercial property, and generally relate to things that could go wrong during the lease tenure and upon vacating.

Managing portfolios of multiple property types (industrial, commercial, retail)

Whilst our specialisation is industrial leasing, we have worked across all facets of real estate (even residential). This has helped our clients who have portfolios that might include Industrial facilities and head offices, or retail clients who also need warehouse storage – we’ve done it all.

Leasing properties in locations all over Australia

From inner city Melbourne to the Pilbara – we’ve worked all over. We understand that negotiating a lease in one market is going to be very different to another. Because of this, we treat every lease negotiation individually – no cookie cutter heads of agreements from us!

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