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Industrial Leases

We are experts in Industrial property and because we have the experience, we understand the complexity and challenges of industrial leasing. We know that to negotiate a warehouse lease, you need to look beyond the lease term, rent and other incentives. Our value-added comes from spotting the under-the-radar issues.

Portfolio Management

We can handle all of your portfolio management needs. We will manage critical dates so you never miss the exercise of an option or the window you have to challenge a rent review; Calculate the right rent at rent review, keeping your biggest expense as low as possible and ensure you are not paying a dollar more than you are legally obliged to do.

Tenant Representation and Consulting

We only represent tenants, never landlords. We are always independent and conflict-free in the transactions that we recommend. We will help you with sourcing a suitable commercial property; providing you with up-to-the-minute research on market rental rates, negotiating the lease terms on your behalf, and much more.

Office Leases

We work hard for tenants who need help negotiating a commercial lease agreement, because we don’t believe that commercial lease negotiation shouldn’t be a zero-sum game. As well as negotiating upfront savings like rent reductions and incentives, we make sure you won’t be hit with rectification costs at the end of the lease term.

Retail Leases

We work with you to find a suitable property that fits the needs of your business, and work tirelessly to negotiate exactly the right retail lease agreement for your business, smooth out any teething problems, assist with rent reviews, and empower you to make quality decisions throughout the life of your tenancy.

Franchise Leases

Eve Property are the go-to resource for franchise lease negotiation throughout Australia. We help multi-site businesses negotiate franchise leases and subleases that blend seamlessly with the franchise operation. Hassle free, and with full step-in rights so you can replace the franchisee if things go wrong.

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Our Values

Vision Statement

To ensure tenants obtain the best lease outcome for their commercial property.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eve Property Group is to be a leading tenant representation service provider. Using our knowledge, 30+ years experience and industry connections, we provide advice to tenants and assist with negotiations on any commercial property matters.

Our Values

  • Work in our client’s best interest at all times
  • Remain independent from other real estate agencies and Landlords
  • Always be ethical, honest and meticulous
  • Be a part of our client’s business journey
  • Be passionate and have fun
  • Be an advocate for Tenant’s rights
  • Take our work, but not ourselves, seriously


Who do we work with?

Regardless of your company’s size, we can help you to slash occupancy costs, reduce risk and negotiate exceptional lease terms for your commercial property, so you can focus on what matters most. Where many commercial property agents represent landlords with a sideline in tenant representation, we don’t. In fact, we make you – the tenant – our sole priority.

As tenant-only representatives, we’re all about giving businesses of all classes the tools, advice and support they need to negotiate harder, control costs, and get the best long-term outcome from their commercial property.

If you are expanding your franchise or becoming a franchisee, we can ensure that the right commercial property is leased to fit your business needs. Our aim is to be your trusted ally in property strategy, helping you to avoid the pitfalls in commercial leasing and zealously seeking every possible gain for your business.

Contact us now 1300 266 314 or info@eveproperty.com.au


Eve Property Group has partnered with Coles to manage the day to day portfolio property management for our entire supply chain.  Teree Clare has managed Coles industrial portfolio of over 20 distribution centers nationally totalling more than 750,000m2 and has achieved significant outcomes in the past 15 months of engagement, increased tenure, significant rental savings, landlord contributions and landlord improvements. All matters negotiated successfully with various landlords based on their relationships and extensive understanding of complex industrial leases. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation that has an industrial property nationally.

Scott Robinson – Head of Investment Management | Property, Coles Scott Robinson - Head of Investment Management | Property, Coles

Teree has assisted our business with a number of property related matters, from negotiating our new lease terms, to reviewing our outgoings on existing sites.  Her services have resulted in significant savings to our business.  In addition, we’ve got peace of mind that we can trust their team to represent our company professionally and commercially, enabling us to maintain relationships with our Landlords while also getting the best outcome for our business.

Sarah Mayo – CEO, Mayo Hardware Sarah Mayo - Chief Executive Officer, Mayo Hardware

I had been looking for a Commercial property to suit our new business needs for about 6 months. I was frustrated at the lack of communications from Commercial Agents not returning calls or showing interest in our search and, in general, being taken seriously.

Amanda had access to a network directly to both private landlords and to Commercial Agents that streamlined the search options. The Agents even commented that when a request came from Amanda Anderson who is known in the industry, they knew it was a qualified lead.

Properties were sourced, appointments for viewings made and a short list was established within a short time from engagement of The Tenant Company. Once a property was short listed, Amanda was able to negotiate further the terms of lease and also refer other suppliers required to secure the lease, such as legal advice.
If your time, effort and focus needs to be on your business then working with Amanda for your leasing needs is no different to seeking the expert assistance you would if you needed accounting or legal advice.

I see Amanda as an extension of our business, she is part of our panel of experts that we can call on when and if the need arises, for anything to do with our lease and information in regards to the terms of a commercial property.

Nikki Eyes – Director, Little Ginger Director, Little Ginger

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